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ISO Goodridge Brake Line Install pic

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Goodridge Brake Line Install

UPDATE: Figured it out

Hey Guys,

I have a 2012 CTS-V M6 Sedan and am upgrading the brake lines with Goodridge lines. Rears went on perfectly. The fronts will fit but I am curious if anyone has install pics how the line bracket mounts to the shock bolt. The Goodridge braket does not clearance the control arm if installed with line below below bolt (same as OEM line is installed) If I swap lines L/R and it fits with bracket with brake line above the bolt, its close to the shock. I looked for pics and called Goodridge and they could not help.

Any help appreciated.

PS I use to own a 2004 V hence the user name.
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Are they not the same length as the original lines? They should match up to the original or maybe you got the wrong ones somehow. I checked an online Cadillac parts store and looked at the part #s for a 2012 CTS. There isn’t a whole lot of variation, there is only one part number for each side in the front. (Contact the place you purchased from and see if they can help).
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