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Is this what a lower crank case oil leak looks like? 2003 DTS

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I have already replaced the oil filter adapter gaskets. Next I will replace the oil pressure sensor and oil level sensor.. But if you look at the photos you can clearly see oil residue above the sensors. So I don't know it the sensors are leaking. Perhaps the oil is just running down coating the sensors with oil.

What do you think?

Thanks, Brook
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S&B, Have you noticed much of a decrease in your bottom end oil leaks since you had the adapter gaskets replaced? If I remember correctly from your other thread you had 3-4 different shops look at it and got 3-4 different answers on what was leaking.
Big diffrence since I got the oil filter adapter gaskets replaced! No more smelling of oil while in traffic! After a new oil change, no puddle of oil in the driveway!
That's great news.... I would clean the bottom end up a little then drive it for a while and take another look. A lot of what your seeing could be left over from that adapter leak. The way I usually clean the bottom end is take it to the car wash and pull it up on a set of ramps then spray the bottom end down with engine cleaner then hit it with the high pressure. I haven't been banned from the car wash.... yet.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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