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Is this what a lower crank case oil leak looks like? 2003 DTS

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I have already replaced the oil filter adapter gaskets. Next I will replace the oil pressure sensor and oil level sensor.. But if you look at the photos you can clearly see oil residue above the sensors. So I don't know it the sensors are leaking. Perhaps the oil is just running down coating the sensors with oil.

What do you think?

Thanks, Brook
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One is the transmission pan seal. The other, half hidden under the engine itself, is the oil pan gasket (seal). To replace it properly you need to remove the engine from the car: it's not really a "gasket" - it's a silicone seal set into machined grooves in the halfcase.

That amount of seepage is minimal - you can buy a heck of a lot of oil for the $2,500 it will take in labor to replace the seal. You might be able to carefully try and tighten some of the pan bolts - there's a specific torque setting because the pan is a structural part of the engine. Some have attempted to clean the oil with solvents and use epoxies and glues on the seam. That's not even close to a proper repair.
Another look...................

FWIW, I'll bet that, if you were to get the car up on a lift and use Gunk Foaming Engine Cleaner on the lower part of the engine - NOWHERE ELSE - and carefully hose it off, you would have a long time before there was any noticeable seepage.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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