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Is this auto lift hatch making normal sounds

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So my 07 rear hatch makes a clunk, sound, when it reaches the top. Has anyone had the same problem? Or is this normal when opening and it finally reaches it's full extension?
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Spray it up with wd-40 lmao it might help or it could be something internal like the arms that open the hatch personally I would try to peek thru the black plastic where the hatch is and arms are at and see if there's anything that would make the sound
Mine did it all the time. Got better with new shocks. The reason I think is the worn shocks allow the gate to drop out of gear due to weak shocks. Found new ones on ebay about 40 bucks. Change them both.
No don't use wd40. That stuff sucks. You will be reapplying it every week. You need to use white lithium grease on the drive assembly behind the drivers side panel.
Grease it up, and while your at it, replace your lift struts. Those should only be around $60/pr. No more issues.
Um yeah I'm a lil more intelligent than the child^, using Wd40. LMFAO. I'll check it out on a weekend. Thanks guys!
Well honestly that's pretty simple it it squeaks you should appy some grease or something on there or replace the arm things haha
Fyi I noticed they made a white lithium grease tube very useful for many applications
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You can get it in a spray can - MUCH easier to apply to those hard to reach spots.
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