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Is this a good price????

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Might look at an 2004 V this weekend. 15k miles. New F1's. Roof. Platinum. Stock.

Seller is asking $39k.

What do you guys think?


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Too much imho.

Some dealers on this forum were asking ~$39k for brand new '05s...
yep....check e-bay too. used 04s are going for like mid-30. buyers market

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Kelly Blue book says it is........ ............but I paid 40,000 for mine with

100,000 mile warranty, 4000 miles on it and its a 2005 (loaded).:thehand:
Way too much. There was a silver '05 with FG2 + sunroof, 7k miles, goin for $38xxx, on ebay, 'buy it now'
Yup, it's a great deal!!!!! Buy it!!!!!!!! Keep the value up!!!!!!

J/K, as the others said, look around and you'll do much better.
RedSy, I tried to send you an e-mail -- can't get thru!! Please e-mail me.
Much THANKS, Ginnie
PM Chesrown they've got great deals.
Id tell him 35 or no bones.
good? yes. great? NO!!! Keep looking!
I'm heading out to pick up a loaded silver/black 05 v with 2,200 miles for 36k.

You bailing on your V? say it aint so!!!!

Well we are looking at the New Corvettes and I don't want to play games when it comes to trading in the "V" -- rather sell it outright then giving it away to a dealer!! I don't know--maybe post it for sale and see what happens--I ONLY have 2,600 MILES!!!
What do you think??
BAH--keep the V!!

(Yeah, vettes are ubah cool, but the V has a back seat!) :D
Hey feline tell me more about your car. What color interior, and does it have the roof? What part of the country do you live in? Thanks!
Ak Jim, hi, we are in ( OHIO ) about an 1 hour East of Cleveland. YES my "V" has the Sun Roof and also CORSA EXHAUST. Black/black interior. Please e-mail me at ([email protected]) and I will answer any questions you have.
Ginnie - NO! :eek: :thehand: :tisk: :crying: :cookoo: :mad2: :nono:
That is all. :highfive: :D
REDS I just lowered the price on my 04 Plantinum sunroof to 33k see classifies. I'm going to build a new house so the V has to go need to free up some money. Located in Mich if you have any ? feel free to send.
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