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Is this a deal?

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Hey y' here.

I'm going to buy one on Monday when financing comes through.

We found a 09' Black V with every option. It was a dealer/demo/factory car and it's got 12,000 miles. It is flawless, and dang fast.

They were asking 60,000, and we talked them down to 58,500.

Is this a good deal? It seems to me to be pretty good, comes with a 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and we will be getting new car financing.

What do y'all think.

We are trading in the Magnum SRT-8 and Keeping our Ram SRT-10.
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This is about what I paid for a brand new, loaded (no recaros) auto V from Scott at Superior.

Tack on another grand for shipping, or drive it home.

Mike c
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