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2005 Deville base
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Is there a specific site or place or brand of parts and repair manuals for a 2005 Cadillac Deville base model...this damn internet is getting ridiculous to find info on certain topics...???

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this forum is probably the BEST source of repair/maintenance information -
WE usually have the CORRECT answers -
and we know the SHORTCUTS you won't find is ANY manual -
I doubt you'll discover the need to fix something that WE haven't already fixed -
just ask - THAT'S what we're here for -


the only service manual worth having is the FSM - Factory Service Manual -
I prefer the printed version - you can find used ones on ebay -
there are a couple 2004 Deville manuals listed MUCH cheaper than the 2005 books -
I can't think of ANY differences between the 2004 and 2005 model years -

others prefer the on-line version - ALL-DATA - with annual subscription -


as for parts -
I use ROCKAUTO.COM to get part numbers -
VERY easy to use electronic catalog - and fairly complete list of various brands -
they usually have better prices than your local auto parts store -
BUT - when you add in shipping costs - they might NOT have the BEST price -
AMAZON is a good source for auto parts - AFTER you know what you need to buy -

speaking of parts -
SOME parts I would INSIST getting genuine ACDelco -
some parts I much prefer aftermarket -
and some parts it just doesn't matter -

again - just ask which is the best to get for your car -

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4,792 Posts for service manuals. compnine for build sheets. What topics can you not find?

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"certain topics .........". If you Google "cadillac forums (your topic or question)" you'll get links to 99.999% of your problem.

RockAuto is good for parts, www.gmparts or is good for reference and systems diagrams, is for complete RPO build sheets, is good for online service manuals, or eBay are good for new and used paper service manuals.

Unfortunately you're maintaining a complicated vehicle, not a model T, so you have to use any resource available. The Internet makes it easy - unlike in the 50s and 60s when it was all done with paper books, telephones, and teenage parts runners - been there, done that.
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