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Is the Catera a summer car?

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Happens every year. I go through winter thinking this old car is on its last legs - very sluggish, funny noises, oil and coolant leaks. Then comes spring and warmer weather. All of the sudden, the RPMs are back, the power is back, the leaks are drastically reduced and the car is quiet and lively.

Anyone have a similar experience?

'97 Forest Green Catera (original owner)
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Yep mine has a ball joint squeak in the mornign on cold days, then I hear a exhaust manifold leak, on the passenger side bank, and all goes away once the car is warmed up or slightly warmer weather... and you are right some of the rattles go away too... but its holding fairly well so far... 120K, about 60K in the last 2 years...
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