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Is the 1983 model Seville a bad choice for a daily driver?

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I am keen on getting a luxury malaise era American car as my first car and I found a decent condition 83' Seville for sale, I would like to also say that I do not live within the U.S. but in eastern Europe so I assume parts maybe a difficulty.
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That last link for the bronze colored Seville is really nice looking and that's the RWD car and only RWD Cadillac which ever had the Olds 5.7L. In my mind that car would be the clear choice. It has the 70's Cadillac EFI but there is still quite a bit of knowledge regarding that system.
I agree that this Seville generation was special, I remember reading an article about it in a Swedish car magazine when it was launched 1976, and they were for once very positive although it being an American car and compared it with Rolls Royce. And the size was also a lot more agreeable for Europeans and they liked the road handling too, as these guys had BMW tattooed on the inside of their eyelids and normally negative to everything else, the statements were remarkable :).

This car was sold new here and has a working AC acc to the ad, and I can bet it has only been driven during summers being in such nice condition.

I like the 77 Coupe Deville too (first ad), but that’s another story
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