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Based on the responses above and more on Cady's engines of that model, I'd offer one of the wisest decisions would be NOT to consider any Eldorado/Seville from that gen. On the other hand the OP would do well to keep an open mind with the '79-'85 E-body Buick or Toronado. The 403 in a friend's '79 Toro performed well, and I really enjoyed the Rocket 350 Olds in my '80 Riv. I had 2 other Rivieras with the 307 Olds offered later and both ran pretty well considering the pitiful smog HP numbers back then. Mid ''80's offered a Riviera T-Type with a turbo V-6, but no memory of its performance. Just some things for our comrade overseas to consider if the lines and drivetrain are other wise attractive and not set on a Cady.
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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