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Is my STS-V Engine shot?

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The car has been performing great over the past few days so i decided to drive it to NJ for an appointment. I was on interstate 95 on cruise set at 70 in the passing lane. All of a sudden a message flashes on the screen saying "Low Oil Pressure Stop Engine Now" so I attempt to merge over to the opposite shoulder and the car starts shaking and drops in speed to about 45 so I get over to the shoulder and the car has NO power at all and then shuts down. Tried to start but it shook and turned for like 5 seconds then froze.Wont even crank now?

Needless my car is stuck in NJ at a dealer and who knows when they will be able to fix it. I am thinking new engine but I am not sure.

Cadillac dealers customer service sucks compared to BMW and Acuras. This is part of the reason people are not buying American.
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M m m m m . . . . sounds like a seized mess . . . .
It might be a safety feature so you don't destroy your motor. Ya know like trying to start a motor that has already warned you to turn it off and has decided to turn it off for you?? I hope its just a reset of the system and a oil change.
Usually your good or bad experiences are based on the particular dealership you're dealing with. Some are Bastages and some are top shelf with the others somewhere in between.

I hope it's not too serious, but I assume you're still under warranty so they'll fix it.
I really hope its not serious but if you felt what I felt you would think the worst too.

I had to fight with the dealer to get a cadillac loaner. The only would offer me a malibu & I refused it......finally after about 1/2 an hour complaining the gave me a 09 CTS. Pretty nice car and the 3.6 DI engine really moves.
This may not be much help, and the comparison is admittedly very odd, but I had a '00 Jeep Wrangler that had it's oil pump go out, and what you describe (other than the warning message on the nav in the jeep) is VERY similar to what happened to me on that trip.
Hopefully, that's all it is, but keep us posted.
I don't think the engine is shot. I think that the computer won't let the car crank because there is no oil pressure.
I would double check to make sure that they put the correct PF26 oil filter on at the last oil change. The owners manual describes just such a failure if the wrong filter is used.
Well the dealers says he ordered a new engine from Cadillac and the tech says there was extensive damage to the engine as he tore it down.

Oil pump came loose and pistons seized all within 10 seconds. I dont have Onstar and my Cell was dead so you could imagine the day I had.
Please ask them how an oil pump just "comes loose" as I am assuming you had no warning. Was there ANY clue previous to that happening?
Yeah I am gonna ask that when I call back next. The car ran smooth and perfect until this happened.
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