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is my car falling apart!?

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2004 CTS has ~184,000km on it.

Took my car in for transmission leak. the upper seal that had already been replaced a couple years ago was not done right and was another $368 (mostly labour) to get it fixed (couldn't haggle cuz it was another dlrship that did the original fix)... But it gets worse...

While I was waiting for the part to be ordered, my AC stopped working. They diagnosed that and found the shrader valve on the compressor hose is busted and slowly leaking. To replace the hose is $258, (although I've found it online for $169 shipped). OEM part # 25745132. My first question is should I just call some wreckers and get this from them? seems like a very pricey hose to replace when only the shrader valve is leaking! And once you add labour and freon then its going to be a much pricier fix... Trying to recoup come costs with findin the part cheap...

2. Now they JUST called me with the diagnosis of my engine light being on (car is idling a bit high, I've noticed this myself a few times when I just start the car, it will rev up to 2200rpm when you turn on the ignition. This tends to go away after awhile). Turns out to be a vacuum leak on the upper plennum. Not sure how much this is going to cost, how necessary is this fix to do right away? eek....
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I could be wrong, but I think a fast idle (around 2400 or so) can tear an engine up if there is no load on the engine.
It only revs up to ~2200 when you start the engine, then goes down to ?1000 or so a second or 2 later...

I'm going to call some wrecker yards and just get an HVAC guy to fix my AC, he can probably do it alot cheaper than the dealership...

Any other opinions on the vacuum leak?
very late followup: a HVAC place was able to simply replace the valve and they only charged me the freon refill cost, so that ended up being alot cheaper than the dealership replacing the entire line. No AC problems for the next 3 years!

As for the hi-revving issue, I honestly don't recall what that cost to fix was, but it must not have been much or else I'd likely remember!!!

The car is now at 293,000km but maintenance is starting to add up so will be purchasing a new ATS soon!!! (latest problem is significant oil leak from rear seal, that along with the need for new brakes and my heat isn't working has pushed me to buy a new Caddy!!!
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vacuum leaks are easy to fix, if you can find it first
are you getting a Turbo ATS?
vacuum leaks are easy to fix, if you can find it first
are you getting a Turbo ATS?
yep, getting the 2.0T ATS with luxury pkg, Shadow grey exterior with the red leather interior.
What do those run these days? Are you buying brand new?
With the options identified above MSRP=$41,250Can, but I can get employee pricing so that's about %6 off
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