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Southern Country,

Sorry to hear of all your troubles.
I have had a little trouble with mine also, but I was lucky and it was all fixed under warranty.

How many miles do you have on it?
I assume that it is over 50,000.
I have 61,500 on mine now so the factory warranty is no longer valid.

I do have a slightly warped rotor on the front. The weird thing is...sometimes you can feel it when you are on the brakes, and sometimes you can't. :)

Took it in just before the warranty was and the tech took it out for a was just as smooth as it could be. No vibration at all. Just my luck. :) They inspected the brakes and said I had about 40 to 50% of pad life that time.

I have not had much tire trouble...other than them being real noisy and rough riding, but from what I can find out...that is "NORMAL" for this type of tire. Bridgestone Turenza 245x50x18.

About the dead battery...If mine sets for more than about five days...the battery will go down.
First time it happened...Roadside Service came out and replaced the battery.

I finally found what I "THINK" was the problem. I have a cell phone charger and radar detector plugged in and never unplug them when the car is sitting. Over time... (several days)...they drain the battery.

Had a problem with the AC seat not blowing air from the back of the seat. Bottom was cool...but no air from the seat back. An air duct had come loose.
One of the front parking sensors had to be replaced.
The third brake light had real tiny, hairline cracks in it and was replaced.
The drivers door module was replaced at another dealer visit. Don't remember exactly why right now. :)

Yesterday, the SERVICE TIRE MONITOR message came on..the drivers front tire was not showing any pressure. The other three were OK.
Later "ALL" of theml were working ok...don't know what the problem was but it will probably come back.

I bought a 1980 Sedan in 1980.
Drove it till 2001. Had almost 250,000 miles on it when I sold it.
That was, without a doubt...the BEST CAR I have ever owned in my life.
Except for changing the oil, I did almost NOTHING to that car except put gas in it and drive it.
Never did anything at all to the engine or transmission.
Only put plugs in it one time, at about 150,000 miles.
It still had the original plug wires on it. :)
I only remember putting brakes on it one time.
It just never broke down on me... at all.

Can't say that about this one.
It has never actually BROKE DOWN and left me stranded, or anything like that, but it has been in the shop for various things, more than the last half a dozen cars I have owned... all put together. :)
But the strange thing is ... I still, REALLY REALLY like this car, even after all of the trouble I have had with it. :)

I figure I will keep it another year and a half, *depending on how much trouble I have with it).. till the 2012's come out, and trade it for a low mileage CPO 2011.
It will probably have 125,000 miles on it by then.
My GMPP warranty is good till 104,000 miles. :)

Texas Jim
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