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Is Loose Transmision Output Shaft Passeneger Side normal?

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After working on the front end all year I noticed that the transmission passenger side output shaft has like a 1/2 Inch up down play. It obviously tightens up when the half shaft is installed but I think this may contribute to a slight vibration I still feel in this car. I dropped the trans pan 3 times in the 20,000 miles I have owned it (78,000 Miles on ODO) and did a 7.4 Qt fluid change and everything looks good. It seems like the car does not drop into over drive as fast as it use to but I'm not certain Is this normal or should I be shopping for a used trans at a good price?
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If you feel the vibrations when accelerating a bad plunge on a axle can cause vibrations. I don't think the shaft is supposed to move could be wrong, Shaft bearing?
The vibration has gotten much better since the cold Michigan winter has subsided. I tried accelerations and the car seems smooth. Maybe the motor mounts are sensitive to cold or the roads were just t muc for the caddy to handle this winter.

I have a "clunk" when putting the transaxle into drive for the first time after it sits awhile and it sounds like its coming from the passenger side. The second time I put it into gear I hear the axle torque up but no cluck. If I go to Reverse it clucks more than once. This think the passenger axle shaft on the passenger side is wearing out due to the slope in the passenger output shaft. I can also hear excessive backlash in differential gears when driving and playing with load no loads it wines when loaded up.
I searched on the phrase "bad plunge on a axle " and found some real interesting articles. To fix a trans "Shaft bearing" it sounds like a trans rebuild is in order and really don't want to go there as you never know what your getting into.
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