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It shows the power of marketing. Billions of dollars are spent each year studying the market, defining the potential buyers, and devising a campaign to put the product in front of the intended audience in such a way as to generate interest.

It's simply a case of business as usual - in this case, a successful marketing campaign. Of course it always helps to be hawking a good product.

Baa. Everybody is affected by marketing. To some extent, we're all sheep in that respect ;) .

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I bought my CTS a week before the movie came out, but I'll admit that Reloaded had a little something to do with my purchase. Not a lot, but it did put the icing on the cake :)

It was the test drive I took back in March that sealed the deal. Regardless of what movie the CTS was in, if it was a crappy ride, I wouldn't even consider buying one. That's the bottom line.

and thanks, Sal. I'm happy to be here.
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