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Is it just me or...

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Do you get blown around on the interstate easily? There is this one stretch of I-75 down here in Tampa where the truck really seems to get blown around almost every day Im on it.

The reason I ask is, Im still trying to determine if Ive got a bit of a steering issue left or not. When Im going South on 75 I have to keep the wheel slightly tilted to the left or the wind or god knows what literally pushes me to the right. In the mornings going North I have to keep slightly to the right or the wind will blow me left.

I think I may have some loose steering components. Seems like alot of compensation.
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You should try pulling a 7000 lbs trailer in the snow while coming thru the mountains with a 50 mph plus cross wind, it's like your wind surfing, and that's not a good thing. :(
Sometimes ruts in the road will cause your car to swerve back and forth wile driving.
I feel the wind a lot in mine as well. My dads 05 Yukon XL was the same way. I've just gotten used to it.
Yeah, i feel it on my 02 lade and 04 EXT when going over a bridge with strong wind gusts. I think its normal, because our vehicles are so big.
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