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I've been watching and reading about this year's CES and there were few announcements, both by Google and some car makers, about the Android Auto system. If people don't know what it is - it's basically a "standard" which allows the car's built-in telematics system to access many features of Android's OS on people's Android-powered smartphones and interact with them using car's built-in controls/display. For example, you could use Google Maps for navigation purposes if you have it on your Android smartphone, instead of the proprietary, limited, awful (they all are, regardless of the car's brand - BMW/MB/Cadillac) navigation system which is used right now on all car models - you can see all the maps on your car's display and interact with them just as you do it on your smartphone, and the map data NEVER gets "outdated" (since it's never stored on your car's telematics system). You could also have a full voice control of your Android phone through your car's system, send messages, access address book on your smartphone without "downloading" it on your car's telematics system, access apps on your smartphone directly from your car's touchscreen, etc. Here's the Google's own link about it:
Apple has it's own variant, called "CarPlay", which allows the same (access all your iPhone's features/abilities, including apps, through your car's telematics system):

Anyway, I've heard that some car manufacturers, like VW, have already announced that they will FULLY support BOTH of these systems (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) on future models, starting with some car models which will be released later THIS year. Is Cadillac planning to do the same? I know that "Chevrolet" is on the list of companies supporting both of these standards, but the "Cadillac" is not specifically mentioned... And if they will - when it will finally happen? I know Cadillac's representatives read these forums and hopefully they can give some answers about that...
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