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Is $710 a good deal for a Magnaflow Exhaust?

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I'm picking up a Magnaflow Cadillac CTS-V Cat-Back Exhaust System for $710. Is that a good deal?

Buying from LMPerformance.
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Call High Horse Performance. They'll beat it. I believe they were selling them for under $650 but that's been awhile. Talk to Joshua. Tell 'em Chris with the SRT-8 sent ya. I just spent over $1,600 with him.

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Thanks for the heads up. Glad I asked here before purchasing.
but thats only bc manufacturers run "deals" at different times of the year. Just wait and youll see the price fluctuate, you just got to buy at the right time.
^^^ at the time I bought mine e-bay was $100 more than I paid.....
Like I said in an earlier post..there is someone on Ebay named Alabastorboxflorals that sold me the magnaflow and the k&n Cai for 850 sure he/she is still doing it...they are selling stuff for a parts warehouse that went out of business!
I got mine from mid 5's I think.
Do they still sell CTS V parts?
i paid 549...shipped. i believe it can be had on ebay for 600.
Do they still sell CTS V parts?
they carry mostly everything...just call them, they don't list much on their website.
If you are in Southern California I'll do a lot better than that! I went back to stock, I have one ready to go, let me know.
Hello GAGS-V,

I am sincerely interested in your used MagnaFlow exhaust. Please contact me at 310-422-1510.


How about the cheapest place to pick up a Corsa? If I can find a really good price I think I'll buy one. If not I'm just gonna gut the stock mufflers and see how I like it.
alabasrter flowers on ebay. they have a make offer, i offered 595 shipped and got it.
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