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Irritating First Service Experience

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I made an appointment 6 days in advance to get a recall (minor sunroof) issue resolved with my 15 ATS Coupe.

I arrive at my drop off time (9:30am) and end up having to wait close to 45 minutes for them to finally do my paperwork at get me out the door.

The job was suppose to take 3 hours, and they said they would call when it was done, they never call me, when I try to call them it goes straight to voice mail so I go down to the dealership at 5pm to get my car and it is still parked in the same spot as it was when I dropped it off.

I go inside and they say, ya sorry we didn't get it finished, need you to bring it back tomorrow. I said no, I need a loaner, which they were hesitant about but did end up providing.

Its not easy to find some one to give you a ride to and from a dealership in the middle of the week, most people have JOBS. Thats why I made an appointment 6 days in advance.

For them to make the appointment, when I even asked them to pick the day, then not even look at my car is totally irritating.

The part that I find the most annoying is if they had just called me and said look we got swamped and didnt get to your car can you leave it over night. I would of been fine with it, stuff happens.

Instead they just blow me off and act like its no big deal for me to be put out and have to just come back.

The dealership is a good 35 minutes from my house, between the drive time and standing around waiting to be helped, I wasted over 3 hours of my day with no apology and them acting like they are doing me a favor when I am bringing my car in for a recall issue.

Not really that Cadillac treatment that I thought I was paying for.
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Hi Inferno2ss,

I already reached out on another post of yours, but I wanted to reiterate that I’d be happy to discuss this with you further if you are interested. Please send me a PM with your VIN, mileage, dealership name, and personal contact information so I can document this within my system and we can discuss your options going forward.

Best regards,

Austin J.
Cadillac Customer Care
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