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Ipod lockpick help

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I bought a used ipod lockpick by costa tech I think is the the name. Any ways I saw on youtube some lockpicks that plug into the xm mod behind the the glove box and put it there to not remove any of the dash. Pluged in my ipod and it worked but sounded bad like my stock sub was blown. While trying to turn down the bass I pushed some buttons and now can get it to go back into ipod mode. I then put it in fm radio and the bass sounded just fine. Could it be because of where I pluged it in? Does in need to go in the back of the nav? I also saw that the lockpick has small switches, what are the for? O im asking because like I said it was used and have no directions. Thanks
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It's provably the switches in the module. You can view the installation instructions on the CostalTech Website

I hope that helps.
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