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I have an alternative for those who want a better solution than is available right now for mounting electronics on/near the dash... Note: this is not for you if you bought the iPod kit from radios and more because you do NOT need to see the ipod in that case and therefore, this bracket is NOT necessary. I would recommend it for a cellphone, treo, etc.

I have a few "Samples" available at cost for someone who wants to try it (I have only tried it with my ipod)... Keep in mind that it does NOT come with the device holder, but just the mount location... It will require that you take out the radio (not completely, just enough to get to a bolt behind the radio) and is COMPLETELY reversible without any damage or harm... If it doesnt work for you, I will take it back, but this is just a beta test...

I will sell my few to someone willing to test this mount who will actually use it at my cost to have them produced... I may paint them (yes paint, because they are hidden completey and powdercoat will make it thicker), but I have not yet...

E-mail me if interested in testing this...

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