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1992 Fleetwood S&S Hearse, 1993 Buick Roadmaster
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Okay, this isn't a standard introduction thread, because I already did one of those over in the lounge area. I mostly read and post in the FWD Fleetwood area, because that is my personal car, a 1992 Fleetwood hearse. But I've also been the happy owner of a 1993 Buick Roadmaster for the past 6 years. No, it is not exactly a Brougham. there are a few differences. However, there are enough similarities that you guys might be able to help me a little, and I might be able to help you a little. So, since I occasionally weigh in on posts here, I just wanted to say hey, let you RWD guys know who I am and what I roll in, so if we can ever help one another.

Wes, aka Ratmonster
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