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2006 CTS 3.6 and 2008 STS N* 1SE
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Nice XLR. The Elco... is a head turner for me; great color.

New here as well.
I own a 2005 Blue Steel XLR. I'm about the third owner, great car, and we love it. I have electrical issues right now so I've resurrected an older post to see if I can get some help.
Here's a pic of mine, although I have different wheels on it now.

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'92 Brougham, '04 XLR, '06 DTS, '12 SRX
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Been away a good bit, had a DTS, now have a SRX for the honey.
Picked this up last month, 2004 XLR, Crimson Pearl w/black interior, 44K mileage. Had Vettes all my driving life, still do, but I always wanted one since they came out. I remember James Woods driving a black one on his TV show "Sharks" back in '06 - '08, fell in love with it.

Runs great, luckily for me, the bugs have been worked out and some replacements were made.

I'm driving this more than the Vette now.:D

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2016 ATS-V, 1969 Cougar XR7 Convertible, 1970 GTO, 1970 Torino GT, 2006 XLR
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Hi All.....This is one of my obsessions...the others being a 2016 Cadillac ATS-V, a 1970 Pontiac GTO and a 1970 Ford Torino GT....This is a 2007 base model which only has18K miles on it....rides like a new car and turns heads and gets admiring comments everywhere I go. I live in North New Jersey and in all the years I have owned it, I have only seen one....a black one, in my neck of the woods.
I loath driving cars that everyone else has and seeing myself coming and going on the road and in gas stations.
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Good evening all and Happy New Year. My name is Howard and I just purchased a 2005 Xenon Blue XLR. Real excited about it. I worked for GM Flight Department when it first hit the market and fell in love with it. Of course looking for a few parts, but at the price I payed, I have a lot of room left for fixes. First thing I'm going to do is oil change, tune-up, new plugs, transmission flush and replace the camshaft position sensor due to a leak. Pre-buy noted coolant leak at the clamp. Looking forward to getting to know the forum.

Name: See above
Last 7 digits of VIN: 5603185
Date of Delivery: Dec 31, 2020
Date of Production: 2005
City, State: Atlanta, Ga
Options: Standard
Attach a picture of your car
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I am looking for a suspension control module if anyone has one available or knows where one might be available...
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