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interior light short

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Hey folks

Anyone know how to track down a short at the interior light cir.?
I replaced the fuse and it blew once I got going.

Any help would be appreciated
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I still have some.......not much, and want to keep it. I need to save as much as possible........., my kids are entering their teens.

That would make it come out. My oldest is 9 so I still have a little time to hold on to mine.

Good luck with the short. Let us know how it goes.
I put a fuse in the slot, and the lights came on for about 5 seconds. I noticed some light flickering at the dome light just before the fuse poped. I guess its the dome has two seperate lights and some kind of hatch think with a spring loaded door. There is an electrical connector in there. I think I'm going to fiddle around with that tonight. I dont know what plugs into that hatch.

Ahhhh. . . some more info. The mystery deepens. . . I don't want to derail your thought train, but the flickering dome light might be a symptom and not the cause. If you placed a new fuse in the circuit and you had partial operation for five seconds, that is a good clue. A hard short would usually blow instantly. (I'm using generally and usually becuase there are no hard and fast rules when troubleshooting. One must always keep an open mind to avoid tunnel vision.) A slow-blo fuse might work for a VERY short time. You might try this, just 'cause it's quick: Open all doors and the trunk and install a new fuse. (Just in case a chaffed harness is contacting the frame.) Keep us posted!

ccc.......I did it last night. Opened all doors and trunk, and put in a fuse. All lights worked. As I looked around I noticed one of the dome lights had gone out, so I pushed the button. It came on. Now all lights work. I jiggled the harnesses,and open and closed doors ect....All still working. I'm glad they are working, but a little perplexed about the hole thing.

You seem to be a real guru of this black art. Thanks much.

I don't understand what was causing the fuse to blow. How is the problem solved? Was it the button? What button is this?

Perplexing to say the least.

I'm not sure either. Now my door locks also work, same fuse.
The button is one of two just above the rear view mirror (map lights I think). Right now I'm not toutching them.
Does your car have the same set up? That little hatch door by those lights .......Whats it for?

I dont have lights up there, but I do have a little hatch...for a garage door opener.
Nice to hear you've made substancial progress John. I'm not convinced the problem is resolved though . . . just dormant. I don't mean to rain on your parade, It's just that I've seen phantom faults dissapear, only to show up when I least need or expect them. So . . . with that said, I would zero in on your door/trunk harni and give them a very slow, methodical visual inspection, paying close attention for a small, black speck (could be as small as a pencil lead) on the vehicle's frame in the vicinity of where the harnesses come closest to the frame when the particular door is closed. Look for a small, black or whitish discoloration on the harnesses, or tiny pinch marks in the insulation. Use the brightest light available to you. There's also the other side of the argument that has credence: "If it works, don't mess with it." The choice is of course, yours. Good luck with this and don't hesitate to return to this forum for any help or advice from the excellent members who frequent these areas.

Cheers and Happy Motoring! CC
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Thanks for the thoughts. I'm going to continue to tinker with it, but I'm still not sure about whats going on. All my lights are working, and door locks. Its great.

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