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interior light short

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Hey folks

Anyone know how to track down a short at the interior light cir.?
I replaced the fuse and it blew once I got going.

Any help would be appreciated
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What car?

Have you recently done any work or experienced something that might have caused a short?

I had a short recently caused by the wind catching my trunk lid after I opened it from inside the vehicle. As the lid came up, the wind forced it up harder. I found two wires shorted in the harness from the trunk lid to the trunk...two months later.
Factory stereo or aftermarket? The previous owner may have dove work on it somewhere and may have pinched a wire.
I like that. It sounds very useful. I hope I remember it the next time I have a short. It would also give me an excuse to upgrade my current multimeter to a better one with a tone alert.
I have one of those fuse test lights...plugs right into the fuse holder and has a small bulb on top of it. They work in helping find a short. It has came in handy.

Do you have a multimeter like cc mentioned?
I don't have one, but I have seen devices at the tool store and my father mentioned he has one...a short finder. CC, have you used one of these?

I think you should start pulling bulbs.
CC, you are right about pulling bulbs. That wouldn't solve anything. There will still be 12v going to the socket. What about short finders? Have you ever used one and if so, are they any good?
Do you have any hair? This stuff would make you want to pull it out sometimes.
That would make it come out. My oldest is 9 so I still have a little time to hold on to mine.

Good luck with the short. Let us know how it goes.
I don't understand what was causing the fuse to blow. How is the problem solved? Was it the button? What button is this?

Perplexing to say the least.
I dont have lights up there, but I do have a little hatch...for a garage door opener.
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