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interior light short

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Hey folks

Anyone know how to track down a short at the interior light cir.?
I replaced the fuse and it blew once I got going.

Any help would be appreciated
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Hey Eldyfig

Its an 87 brougham (307). I bought the car with the interior lights not working. I replaced the burned fuse and they worked. When I got back in the car 10 min. later, they were back out. I think I might have some loose wires behined the dash, Im not sure where to start
Hey folks
I pulled the radio..........there has been some monkey business. It looks as though the original radio has been put back in. A factory connector has been spliced in to hook up to the radio. Also ......the radio has a lot of places for plugs ect.....It seems like way to many conections go through the radio.

Any thoughts would be helpful

ccc.....No it didnt go away. I was hoping to find an obvious short behind the radio.
Thanks ccc

The car had the problem when I bought it last week. The first thing I did was check the fuse (body fuse). It was blown, so I replaced it. All the lights worked. I went inside to get somthing and came back out to go home,and noticed the lights didnt work again. The drivers door was opened when I istalled the fuse, and I closed it when I went inside. (all in about 5 min.)
Now the fuse blows as soon as I install it. I havent done anything on that circuit.
I made a test light that I put in place of the fuse. It lights up. I was told when I unplug the shorted component that the light would go out, but thats a lot of lights to check.

I do have a multimeter......just not sure where to start.
ccc .......Thanks
You have inspired me to go on! I may go after it tonight after work.

I'll let you know how it goes.
I still have some.......not much, and want to keep it. I need to save as much as possible........., my kids are entering their teens.

I put a fuse in the slot, and the lights came on for about 5 seconds. I noticed some light flickering at the dome light just before the fuse poped. I guess its the dome has two seperate lights and some kind of hatch think with a spring loaded door. There is an electrical connector in there. I think I'm going to fiddle around with that tonight. I dont know what plugs into that hatch.

ccc.......I did it last night. Opened all doors and trunk, and put in a fuse. All lights worked. As I looked around I noticed one of the dome lights had gone out, so I pushed the button. It came on. Now all lights work. I jiggled the harnesses,and open and closed doors ect....All still working. I'm glad they are working, but a little perplexed about the hole thing.

You seem to be a real guru of this black art. Thanks much.


I'm not sure either. Now my door locks also work, same fuse.
The button is one of two just above the rear view mirror (map lights I think). Right now I'm not toutching them.
Does your car have the same set up? That little hatch door by those lights .......Whats it for?

Thanks for the thoughts. I'm going to continue to tinker with it, but I'm still not sure about whats going on. All my lights are working, and door locks. Its great.

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