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Interior cleaning? Specifically vinyl panels/dash

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I am a new owner to CPO 17 CTS - I have had it for about a month.

Soon, it will be going in to have both front door panels replaced, as it appears the top coat/color is coming off (this could have been from the previous owners) - but dealer said they will cover it one time under the factory warranty. This made me quite happy as the panels are pricey. They re-iterated to me that noting harsh can be used.

I replaced two other panels (passenger side - center console trim plates) (about 170 for both panels) as they were deteriorating as well - again probably from using too harsh of chemical.

So on these pieces I replaced, As a test on the "bad pieces" I decided to use the normal array of cleaners I have used for years in the past on my mostly hard plastic interior on my 2010 F150. (leather/plastic cleaner and Armor All Wipes)

One cleaner immediately started pulling black off the panel (Malco Leather/Plastic Cleaner0 - rubbing alcohol did the same. (I have read Windex with ammonia can cause issues too). Even water on a microfiber with harh pressure caused damage...again I wouldn't rub hard on a normal piece, I was just doing testing.

I am not used to the vinyl padded interiors, and from my tests, they are quite delicate if you are not careful.

At this point, I am afraid to get the windows tinted as the soap solution they use to move the tint into place - could cause damage..I am sure they take account for this..but this is just my OCD kicking in :)

I think I am going to just stick with water and a microfiber going forward..

Can anyone enlighten me on what their cleaning process is on padded vinyl panels, etc?
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