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1993 4.9L Seville - X920BT Navigation w/ backup cam, Flowmaster 40 Series Exhaust
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The light grey leather on the drivers seat of my 1993 Seville is pretty worn on the bottom as well as back. The rest of the seat works great (movement, heat, lumbar etc.), and the rest of the seats in the car are in great shape. Before I have custom re-upholstery done I'd like to find a good condition passenger seat from a similar Seville and try to use the leather upholstery and cushioning. My questions are twofold:

1) I've read the leather upholstery on the back of the driver vs. passenger front seats is identical and interchangeable. What about the bottom section? If it's not interchangeable, how is it modified?
2) How is the bottom as well as back leather upholstery removed from the front seats?Or is it not possible to remove just the leather covering?

Thank you
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