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So I'm digging into my timing chains and phasers... I have the new timing set and the phaser solenoids already. After thinking it over, I've decided to order new phasers for this job as well. Upon inspection I see that the two exhaust cam phasers share a common part number but the intake phasers are different. When I cross reference the intake phaser numbers, it shows them being non-interchangeable. Are the two intake cam phasers actually different parts (part numbers) all together or am I missing something here? I'm mean different to eachother, not different from the exhaust cam phasers...

What I currently have in the engine is as follows:

Left Bank (driver side):
Intake phaser OEM # 12603744
Exhaust phaser OEM # 12606653

Right Bank (passanger):
Intake phaser OEM # 12603745
Exhaust phaser OEM # 12606653

I dont know if it matters or not but the original cam phasers are 5 bolt units and the Dorman replacement phasers that I'm looking at are 4 bolt...?

Thanks for the help...
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