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Installing HID Issues problems

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Just finished installing my fog light HIDs and low beams. I worked out all of my problems but just wanted to share 2 issues I had.

The 1st issue that I had was a blown fuse to the passenger low beam lights. It took my brother and I 25 mins to figure that out. So if your installation is not working check the fuse.

The 2nd issue was that the connection to the ballast from the OEM hookup was not working. I had to flip the connection to the other side to work. This took a lot of trial and error but we figured it out. Make sure that the connectors are not bent, mine were. So check out the connection at the ballast, if it doesnt work one way try it the other way.

Thats all, hope that helps.
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Just finished mine today.... still trying to Mod. the DRL's.
Yup.... when I installed my first set I found that with the after market HID's you had to flip the Positive and Negative (LAME) wiring to get them to work.
It's sad that with all the units being sold they wouldn't correct it or give a heads up in the instructions for us.

The only thing I could think of is that most of these HID kits are made in China. They must use a positive ground there so when we install them you have to swap polarity.
Seen one, seen.... Bah!

PICS!!! :bouncy:
I can't, I lost my memory's very frustrating because I wanted to document where I made holes and where I put screws.

I may just buy another stick if I can't find it. I'll try because I normally like to see before and after pictures, but now I can only show after.


i'm always too excited to get the mod finished to take before pics. that's kind of funny, i guess.
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