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Hello, I am new to this forum, so bear with me. I recently purchased the cupholders that go in a 2005 Escalade Platinum. The part number is 10399101. It costs about $175 on GM Parts Direct. Anyway, I installed it into my regular 05 Escalade that did not have these cooled cup holders. Install went well. It works fine, but I have a question. There are three wires for the cupholders, Black, Red, and Blue. To get it to work, I connected black to ground and the red and blue to 12 volt power. The unit would not work without both wires connected to power. I have tested the system in a new Platinum and the indicator lights next to the buttons dom when the headlights go on, of course mine doesn't dim. I'd like it to, but can't find a blue wire in the console area that has to do with dimming. The blue line apparently needs power normally and a lesser voltage when the headlights come on. Any idea of where I could find a wire for this in the console area. It is a dark blue wire.
Besides this, it works great. it is a self contained item. I have now gotten 2 more units to go in an o3 Escalade and a Yukon. I will have to modify them to fit in these cars, but it should be worth it.

Thank you.
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