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Installed "new" used rear struts and now more problems?

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So I scored some rear struts off a 99 STS with 75k on it, installed them on my car (99 sts with 150k) and they work perfectly. BUT Now "service suspension, service stability system and service idle control" all pop up on my DIC. They never showed up until I installed the struts, I've checked and checked all the wiring, air lines ect.. all are fine. I'm hoping it's something simple if all of these popped up at one time, but I don't have a clue where to start, I've cleaned all ground locaions, unhooked the battery to reset everything, no change. Car is running fine (besides randomly blowing etc fuse?) Only codes are : C1721, C1722, C1782, P0550, P1520. All are history, but when I clear all the codes and take a drive they all come back and still pop up history. Any ideas? thanks for your help!
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Did you replace anything else?

The C1782 is a code associated with the EBTCM and its specifically related to communications between the CVRSS module and the EBTCM and the struts should not be the source of the problem. The other two C1700 codes are relatd to the left rear strut, one is short to battery and one is open circuit. Sounds like you have a wiring issue, if its not the strut itself.

DTC C1782 ICCS2 DL Left Output Short CKT to Bat
Circuit Description

The CVRSS module estimates the road surface and communicates that information to the Electronic Brake and Traction Control Module (EBTCM) using the ICCS2 Datalink Left and Right Outputs. The EBTCM uses this information to provide improved rough-road braking performance.
Conditions for Setting the DTC

The DTC is set when the CVRSS module measures a feedback voltage greater than a preset threshold during an ICCS2 Datalink Left Output ON state.

The DTC turns HISTORY when the CVRSS module no longer senses a high feedback voltage during five (5) consecutive ICCS2 Datalink Left Output ON states.
Action Taken When the DTC Sets

* Both of the ICCS2 Datalink Outputs are set to default output states.
* The SERVICE RIDE CONTROL message will be displayed.

P0550 is a Power Steering Pressure Switch Circuit wiring problem.

P01520 is a transmission gear indicator circuit problem.
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