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The clunk's gone and so is the vibration. The old rear we pulled [ 40k miles] had a worn out pinion bearing, but the ring and pinion were fine. The bearing was probably making the noise. It's hard to say, because the Avon tires are cupped at 22k miles and are so loud I can barely hear the radio. They sound like off-road tires. I've rotated them every 3500 miles, made sure they were at 30 psi, and had 4 wheel alignment done. They are cupped on the sides and wearing out in the middle of the tire-like they're over inflated, but they're not. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, I drove the car for 2 days after installing the new rear end with no problems, and on the 3rd day, I got a screen on the DIC that said " Have stabilization system checked". Then I got 2 icons that won't go away, one for traction control with a line drawn through it, and an ABS icon. Have I screwed something up by the installation of the new rear? Or is this unrelated?

Help, guys!



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I have the noisy Avons as well (29K mi) and its time for some GSD3s. I suspect the icons are unrelated to the tranny install unless someone didnt reattach the sensors on the rear hubs. Have it looked at by the folks that did your install. Glad to hear that the new rear is spiffy!!!

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