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Install Mcgaughys 2-3 drop tonight but I broke the air-ride rod

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So as the title says, I went to a friends shop tonight to install my new drop kit and it all went well until I went to bend the air ride rods. The first one bent fine but when I got to the second one it snapped after I got about half way :mad: . Where can I get a replacement one? Thanks in advance.
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The dealer sells them for like 20 bucks. What year is your truck? Let me know if the rear air shocks stay hard. Mine stay like that. I thought they would deflate alittle when you turn of the truck. I had my two kids plus myself sit in the back and the air compressor kick on and raised it again. I guess it works fine. Its just that the shock stays hard. I hope in time it does not leak. Good luck. Throw some pics up when done.
Yeah, go ask the dealer for the replacement. I have seen a member here on the forum who broke it and just welded it back together. If you have a welder, that would work too.
I broke mine also. I cut the ends off and made a new one from copper tube.
You could also buy some all-thread and build one to the exact length you need. The ends knock off of the rod and can be put on another rod.
Thanks for all the replies. yeah I ended up just finding a screw around my house that was long enough and I just cut the head off and then threaded the two cup joints onto the screw. Good as new. I dont know if my rear shocks stay hard but the ride is a little bit rougher than before. It handles like a car now so its worth it IMO. And I got some 24" giovanna caracas with the solid black caps put on yesterday too. Ill post up some pics after I give it a good washing.
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