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2012 SRX Luxury.
Long question. The previous owner put a jumper onto the fuse labeled APO-CNSL ( Auxiliary Power Outlet-Console, plz fact check this ). (This fuse panel is the one near the passenger's left ankle.) He retained a 20amp fuse there. He added a relay and two H10 fog lamps and a stranded wire connecting it all. Also added was a cleverly hidden rocker-style button switch. Illuminated no less.

My Luxury model does not come with fog lights from the factory.
I'm guessing a minor bump onto a parking lot concrete car stop last year that dinged the lower and upper bumper cover plastic pieces and also dislodged the bulb and socket for the left fog lamp. Then dirt/moisture caused an arching which caused the jumper to flame out.thats my guess.

The fuse panel at the "hot" side is blackened and some of the plastic is destroyed. There is no way to use a normal fuse. I stuck a 14 gauge wire into the "hot" side, connected a in-line 20 amp fused jumper and slid this into the "load" side. A circuit tester told me everything has power.
I repeated the above but from the spare in this panel. Tested good.
Neither attempt resulted in Infotainment section functionality.

The following works:
Only plays songs on the MEM; no radio; no CD: Volume can go and down but doesn't turn the music off; Tune/Info moves the songs only: the touch screen works for MEM only; the row of lock/unlock/hazard buttons; everything on the Driver dash; everything on both stalks; all windows; the overhead light console.

The following are not working:
none of the climate controls; neither of the two receptacles in the center console storage; the powered outlet for the back seat; no radio; no CD; NAV button; Phone button; none of the buttons surrounding the large "Menu/Select" button; none of the scan/seek/phone/configure buttons.

The Ebay purchased CD/ROM manual din't say much.
I am asking for help. I imagine there is a device past the fuse or before the fuse that is fried.
What is the device's name, where is it physically located, does Delco still make it?
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