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Inexpensive way to conceal curb rash

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Hi All

Curb rash on my 2014 xts platinum was bothering me. Then I found out wheel refinishing was going to run me up to $400 CDN a wheel. This bothered me even more. Then I invested $250 CDN and installed a set of Alloygators in red. My car is dark metallic blue. What’s a knockout change! And, the Alloygators covered up the curb rash. A win win scenario.
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Yes, exactly. Where the two ends meet they epoxy on a small surface cap. They have two styles , two price points. The more expensive ones are more rounded and are intended for wheels greater than 20 inches. The wheel balance is not affected. In three hours after installation I had 3 compliments on the look.
I would like to post a picture of my car with the red, wheel t4im rings. I dont know how to do this. Help please!

Moderator edit: Looks as if you figured it out. You don't need large file sizes - they chew up your allowed picture posting space. Sub.

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