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Induction system and adhesives

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I have a simple question. I know years ago there was a big concern with using any kind of silicone in or around the induction system, as it caused harm to sensors.

I would like to use glue on something for my custom Volant install and was wondering if I have to be cautious of this. It would not be silicone, probably construction adhesive.

Will this hurt anything?
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Ok on the Volant CAI the front of it which mates to the radiator support is a huge rectangle. Not very efficient in my eyes. So I have crafted a piece of 1" think foil faces foam insulation board to fit nicely in that rectangle. Then I'm going to cut a 3" hole through it and somewhat mimic the factory snorkel tube.

I just want something to seal the foam-board to the box and the tube to the foam-board. I don't plan on installing it until the adhesive is dry, if that makes a difference.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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