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Incredible if true: HIV positive man cures self

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The man who may hold the key to a cure for Aids was urged by doctors last night to come forward for the sake of millions of virus carriers worldwide.

The case of Andrew Stimpson, 25, who was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 2002 but found to be clear of the virus in 2003, has stunned the medical world. If doctors can establish why this happened, without treatment, it could benefit the 34.9 million virus carriers worldwide.

Might just be a fluke, but who knows, there might be something more to it. Goodnight everyone!:bouncy:
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In science the simpliest explanation is usually true. I'll put my money with the rest of you guys and vote that he had a false positive test, and was never actually infected with the HIV virus.

The last BIG breakthrough with HIV was in the headlines a few weeks ago. The cocktail of meds they put infected patients on will kill the HIV virus, but portions of the virus "hide" in cellular DNA where they cannot be reached by these medications. Scientists discovered that some relatively common medication (I don't remember what) actually caused the "hidden" virus to emerge where it could then was exposed to the antiviral meds.

This was my understanding anyway. :D
Strong work BEN!

I would still be interested to see what the outcome of this story is.
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