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2010 Cadillac SRX Luxury Edition
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3.0 V6

I get a 'check engine light'...along with various other warnings all of a sudden (service rear axle, tire pressure warning lightsand then a total tire pressure system shut-down)...temperature was very cold here in Toronto...minus 18 Celsius (around O Fahrenheit, I think)...I was told that I had 'stretched timing chains' (left cylinder bank solenoid sent a 'code' to the computerto trigger the check engine light, apparently)...but to find out for sure - the engine had to be disassembled (this is a big job)...So, what could I do...?

The SRX has around 94,000 km only (less than 60,000 miles)...and was two months out of the 'GM PowerTrain' warranty.

They offered to pay for the three chains (usually replaced as a set)...($500 Canadian)...but the LABOUR was almost $1800...excuse me? at 94,000km?

I'm trying to get my $3100 extended warranty to pay for it (it SAYS that timing chains are covered, but they're not going for it)...(THIS IS A WARRANTY THAT I WAS 'ENCOURAGED' to buy BY the dealer - because I was told that the SRX vehicles are complex) I have a year left in this. I have the TOP line version of it and timing chains are specifically covered 'except maintainance due to service intervals'. Well, this is no service interval (94,000 km/ 60,000 miles is NOT a service interval for the timing chains)!

Here is the warranty link...NOTE the timing chains line.

The representative of the 'First Canadian' warranty said that if it was found that only if components failed that led to the timing chains failing would they pay for the labour. What? The TIMING CHAINS ARE the problem!

I was in 'ongoing negotiations' (read: bugging GM constantly, writing letters to Customer service in Oshawa etc etc)

Apparently as of last week - 'the dealer has gone as far as they can go'...What? What about the fact that my vehicle's basic power train (good for 160,000km on the 2010's) should have covered this (yes, it was around 2 months TIME-WISE out of warranty - but surely the 60,000 plus remaining kms on the power train should have helped out. And, if not - wasn't that the point of the 'third party' warranty I signed on for at the dealership?

I love the car...still...but really this is unacceptable.

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