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Hi there,

First i would like to apologize if my sentences make no sense... ( not my main language ).

I'm 34 and about to buy my first american car ever, just saw a 90' Eldorado on the local craiglist.

I did visit US last year for 3weeks, from "Denver Colorado" to "Moab Utah" and drove a Dodge Charger R/T and a GMC Yukon XL... and let me tell you people, you have AMAZING CARS !

V8 are not that common in Europe (v4 for classics - v6 for sports) and the sound of an american car is quite better than the sound of a V8 Bmw or v8 Jaguar.

First i wanted to buy a "2004" 300C hemi Chrysler, but due to pollution policy i wont be allowed to ride 30km all around Paris and in all french big cities...

Gasoline car (2006 and before) wont be allowed to go in big cities and around from 2022
Gasoline car(2010 and before) wont be allowed to go in big cities and around from 2024 ( all diesel engine will be banned )
All Gasoline car wont be allowed to go in Paris From 2030

The only way to ride in big cities, except having a brand new car ( wich are all the same, without taste ), an hybrid or an electric car,

is to get a collection car ( 30years minimum ) or convert your car with a GPL system ( wich is quite expensive ).

I want to ride my city again, with a powerfull fuel engine, in leather seats with all the options you get in the today's european cheap car, a bit of security and drive different.

I don't want to buy a brand new car, it's expensive and there's nothing to restore.

I saw this Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz from 1990.

Price is about 2.000$, 110.000Mi, Chromes are a little faded but interior is in pretty good condition.

As far as i know there is no rust on the car, but there's some issues with brakes ( need 50meters and stand up on the brakes to stop the car ). might be the whole brake system..

The motor is running well, and there's a GPL system on the car. ( wich mean Free car registration document ( +/- 650$ without gpl system )) and free parking in Paris :)

Let me know if you got some experience with this car.

I hope you could help me to get some parts when i will get it, cause it's pretty hard to get some here in France.

C U Guys !

Take care,


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Good for you
Looks clean for 1990 inside and out
You might consider since the engine sits sideways as front wheel drive that changing the sparkplugs and wires
is a real bitch of a job

Ask how long ago where they changed (picture seems to show wires are old) and maybe in the sale that they replace them in part of the deal
All side molding and wheels need good cleaning up

Have fun

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Good to hear when others worldwide appreciate the things making American iron attractive. While it may be obvious to you, it is still worthy to note the value of collecting any and all maintenance and service records from the current and/or prior owners. There's a whole host of periodic maintenance expectations for ANY car, so it's an advantage knowing if, and how well, they have been attended throughout its life.

"First i would like to apologize if my sentences make no sense... ( not my main language )."

Oh BTW and FTR, your English (and American) 'everything' is better than my French 'anything'.
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