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I'm fat.

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At 27 years old, college weight has caught up with me. [Doesn't help that I've been in school since the FDR was president.]

I've been making small changes. No more soda or eating out seems to have reduced sodium intake. No more greasy breakfasts. I have far fewer headaches, no weird cravings, and sleep MUCH better than before. Apnea is much less of an issue than it was.

I walk about a half to a full mile a day with the dog. Its a brisk walk, probably worth 100-200 calories.

In 2007 I peaked at 250something, now I'm down to 238. I used to break a sweat and get winded from just thinking about walking.

The point of this thread: I'm trying to come up with things to do that are easy to integrate into my quiet routine. If I go to extremes I likely won't stick to it.
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Is it possible to ride your bike to work at all? I do that every now and then and it is nice. You save gas and you feel really good about it.
I closed my office and work at home now, and the warehouse is a half hour drive lol. I do own a bicycle, but the traffic here makes me not want to risk my life.
I was kind of in the same boat as you a while ago.
I have lost 30 pounds since I made some changes.
I was unhappy at 210 and I thought I could lose 10 pounds, then I lost it and still was too big, so I kept doing it again and again. I am 1 pound from the weight I wanted and I still have room to lose more.

Here are the changes I made.

1. Small breakfast... 2 protien bars and some water.
2. Eat a big lunch but not junk. A healthy sandwich, salad, and sensible sides like meals with vegetables instead of fries or chips.
3. No soda, ever
4. Sweets like once a month on special occaisions only.
5. A small dinner or light snack, sometimes nothing
6. Try not to eat after 8 pm if you have a regular schedule

Once a week I go out with friends and have a nice meal but I eat seafood or chicken and get vegetable or not so fatty sides and drink water.
I usually hit a machine once a day and do some ab work if only for a few minutes, that really really helps too.
If you are good at excercise videos look into getting some tae bo stuff from billy blanks.
I started on the easy stuff and it made a huge difference fast. I can't fit that stuff into my schedule really because I have to get all set up but if you can do it, do it.
I feel so much better and am looking forward to taking off maybe another 5 or 6 pounds and re-evaluating.
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Are there any dog parks near by? You can let Newton run around and socialize and you can do the same! :thumbsup: PS: Dog parks are the new place to pick up chicks.

Tip from me: write down everything you eat. You'll see how much food you put in your body and it will scare you! It helped me realized that I need to eat a heck of a lot more healthier. I personally have lost around 40 lbs. Damn college makes you gain weight like crazy!

My Dad bought the weight watchers cook book and loves it. He has so far lost between 50-60lbs. He plans out his meals for the week plus he doesn't go out for lunch anymore which helps save some money.

Also feel free to cheat a little on the foods you love. I have to have chocolate so I have some in my cereal (Special K Chocolaty Delight). It's not chocolate chocolate but it helps my fix.
Spring/Summer of 2003 I worked in the Seafood department of my local Price Chopper. On my feet all day, wading through salmon guts, etc. We had a fryer and a steamer, so anytime I got hungry, I would just toss in some haddock or cod and have a snack. Shrimp, scallops - anything was fair game. One day, about a week before I left for college that August, I was looking in the mirror and noticed that I had somehow acquired a six-pack. I had always been good about working out, sit-ups and push-ups in the morning before school - but no cardio or weightloss stuff, just an all-strength workout. Personally, I think my nearly exclusive diet of seafood had something to do with it, but I have no way of being sure. I wish I did know - I'd like that six-pack back.

And my girl chuckles behind me. That does it, I'm buying some swordfish steaks tonight.
I was able to drop 25-30# by dropping 2 Cokes per day (I do miss them). Unfortunately I put 10 of it back since I quit smoking 7 weeks ago. :mad: I'm trying to hold the line and loose that if I can.
Congrats on quitting smoking, Ranger. :highfive:
Although I'm only 18 and am in great shape, the trick to losing weight is exercising lots, and eating less (although you can pretty much eat as much vegetables as you want). If you eat even one more calorie than you burn in a day you'll stay the same or gain weight.
I closed my office and work at home now, and the warehouse is a half hour drive lol. I do own a bicycle, but the traffic here makes me not want to risk my life.
On my way to work I have to ride through the construction on I-88. It has become sort of a game to see if I can get through there w/o having to dodge some workers or a crane.
Next time we meet up, I'm gonna eat a Baconator in front of you. :chad:
-Cutting out pop = real good
-Cut out fast food
-Drink tons of water
??? = Seafood.
Cutting the pop will help a lot. I drink maybe 3 cans a week and am amazed at how people can drink several bottles of the stuff a day.
I just burned off about 23 pounds or so on hydroxycut, working out, being on my feet eight hours a day because of my job, and eating a lot of food, but staying low calorie and low fat. Multigrains and fruits are also great here, as are whole grains. I also drink water and green tea like a fish.

I hope this helps. Good work, and keep it up!
Huge props on quitting smoking Ranger! :thumbsup:

As for you Jesda, I have lost about 40 pounds in the past 6 months or so (not a huge deal but I really wasnt even trying to loose any) but the only thing I have really started doing differently is walking with the dog a couple times a day and been drinking ALOT of water and tea instead of soda and I try to stop eating after 8:30. I think a majority of the success is due to my water intake.
I lost 10 lbs from just being poor... So Jesda, if you just give me your money I'm sure you'll loose weight in no time!!!

Just kidding. :p
I'm sure I'd drop quite a bit of weight if I quit drinking. Getting hammered 2-3 times a week really puts on the weight. Back in high school I was 5'6" at 145lbs(I'm kind of built like a fire hydrant, short, thick, and broad shouldered). Now I'm at 200lbs:nono:
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