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09 Escalade EXT & 14 SRX
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Was the proud owner of 2 Escalade EXT's, 05 and an 09. I finally got scared enough to finally part with the 09, had 256K but it had treated me very well! I do ride share for Uber and Lyft in it and have gotten so many compliments it was ridiculous! The truck was a one off, the original owner purchased it in 09, he owned a painting business that does high work, specially water towers, all over the USofA. He purchase the EXT for his superintendent, lucky guy! it was base silver, BUT! all of his vehicles get the special Light Blue metallic bottom paint 2/3 of the way up! this truck got raves everywhere I went, I was the most known ride share drive in Green Bay! Ok , well I shopped around for a 13 EXT, found a couple with low miles in Nebraska, at some dealer, one had 12K mikes, It was on Ebay so I bid it up several times to 45K! I thought that was a good number, guess not did not reach reserve. He finally emailed me, we spoke and he LTZ loaded to the hilt! took it for a ride figuring I would eventually get use to it! NOT!!!! I hated that truck! from the first week I could not get use to the ride, it SUCKED! gave it more time, I grew more disgruntaled with it! damn this thing was stickered for 60K, paid 45, wasn't worth 15 as far as I was concerned! So the hunt began! I have been looking for the past month or so, I wanted and Escalade back! I was looking for 17, 18 possibly 19. Black was a deal breaker! Tri coat white, ok, Tri coat red ok, Adraic blue was what iIwanted, but there so few and far between. I had driven a Platinum, damn! was that thing plush on the inside! the leather oh so FINE! Found a few blue, of course with brown interior, another deal breaker, I wanted black or possibly the shale. I did stop at the local Cad dealer, just checking if they had any, of course they did but black, BUT he did say he had an ass kicking price on a 20! OMG it was Tri coat red with the Bronze wheels and blacked out grill, he said take it for a ride, I knew better! The sticker, almost 93K WTH! BUT they had it marked down to 77.5K hell of a price, but I wasn't looking to spend quite that much, considered it but nope. I finally located a 18, with 22k miles, for 59 marked down to 57, white with black, it wasn't a platinum but I wanted out of that Chev! It had everything i wanted except for the power running boards, and of course the very plush platinum leather but it was clean! OMG, found out it was dealers owners wife truck, Drove it and that was it! I'm back in the fold! Brought it home and walked in the house, and wife said you got a new truck didn't you! I was beaming! she went for a ride and said WOW this rides even better than your EXT did, just like floating down the road, and so quite inside! YOU CANNOT GET THAT form no damn chevy! I learned a valuable lesson, about 10K I lost owning that chevy for 8 months! I know I could have sold it outright and maybe did abit better but that a hassel! My wife has a 14 SRX, I want to get her into a escalade now! that SRX rides worst than my fricking chev truck did! I don't know why I ever bought that SRX! lides like a damn lumber wagon! So the search is still on to get that replaced, then I'll be set for awhile!

I know this got long but that's the story! I lived and learned! but I eventually came back to my senses! hope I never make that mistake AGAIN!

Thanks for reading!

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