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2004 SRX, 2004 CTS/3.2L 5-speed Manual
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Fellow Cadillac Enthusiasts, I have been driving my Infiniti FX35 for about 5 years and I finally found the CTS Wagon I have been looking for. The dealership I'm working is going to sales by appointment only so I may be able to fly down to San Antonio and pick it up this weekend. Parts of Texas are going to shelter in place this week. If not I'll have to wait until mid-April. Scouring this site, I have been looking for common problems including recalls wagon owners had to deal with so I can check all the boxes when I go over the car. I love that body style and have been searching for one since I got rid of my '04 manual 5 speed CTS 5 years ago. The one I found is a 2012 CTS 3.6L, 2WD, Premium package. Only 46K miles and priced to sell! Any and all input is appreciated!


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