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2011 SRX Turbo
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I always wanted a SAAB 9-4X but hard to find. SRX 2.8T is probably next best thing (for me). I do however have a XWD 9-3 (stage 2 BCB tune) but not the TX. It just sits in the garage, I have too much stuff...
I was looking for a 9-4X Aero when the SRX Turbo fell into my lap for just over half of what the 9-4X Aeros were going for. I couldn't pass it up. I'd love to get a tune for it. I previously had a '95 900 SE and a 9-5 Aero 5-speed. I sold the 9-5 a couple of months ago because I too have too much stuff (and not enough garage). First world problems, I know.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts