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Three weeks ago, I bought a 2014 CTS Performance. Just getting to 100k. Clean bill of health from my local dealer.

I'm having no problems with the car and bought an extended warranty for my own peace of mind. I am NOT mechanically inclined no matter how hard I try.

My first question is about an Oil Catch Can. Some friends have said that I should have one installed. Anyone have this done? Do they really keep the valves clean? My tech said he'd never heard of them. Why he's playing dumb, I don't know. Might be a dealer thing.

Thanks much,

Tim Dasen

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Hi Tim :) Welcome!

I assure you that your are more mechanically inclined than I am. I would never inflict my skills on a vehicle. People here know a lot and will help with questions. I enjoy reading the forum. Sometimes I learn things as well.

Enjoy your Cadillac!

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Welcome,Tim :wavehi:

Good luck with your new Caddy--
Grew up riding in Fleetwoods owned by my Grandfather & father. Great memories.
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