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I'm 2nd owner of a 72 Coup De Ville

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Just purchased,This thing is too cool.
472 C.I.,47,000 miles,near perfect interior,still has a bias-ply spare.

Might be open to offers??


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Thanks Gents

At first I was kind of turned off at the green interior but after a while it kind of grows on you so to speak,HeHeHe.What's neat is that it's still basically new inside, very nice to see a dash with no cracks and it's so clean,the only blemish is a small spot on the corner of the rear seat,about the size of a pop can in diameter,going to see if it will come out.Have a hunch it's booze as there's confetti under the seats.

I agree about keeping it stock,it's kind of refreshing to see simple elegance without all that over the top non-sense cars are being subjected to these days.

Good One:bouncy: Ape Man:thumbsup:

Can someone here tell me where the load-leveling light is located? I have recently noticed what I believe to be the pump located in the rear of the passenger front wheel-well.

Looking at the rear shocks they are not air-shocks and I think I could make out the airlines or something disconnected near the upper shock mounts.

This year did come with the levelling system correct??

Inquiry to Sanderson Headers for the 472

"Wow i get a lot of folks asking for 60's and 70's Caddy headers. Whats
up with you guys and what kind of crazy caddy cult do you belong to?
I've bet I get 2 emails aweek on this and I've never seen a Caddy with
headers a day in my life. Sorry the answer to your question is no. We
offer headers for the 472, but not in a Caddy. Swap it into a ratrod and
we can talk or maybe we should look into making that set of headers.
apparently they are popular!"

Good luck
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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