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2017 Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury Crystal White
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Hi all
So I purchase the illuminated cargo sill plate and installed it today. The video on here was a big help but I have some tips to make it easier.
To begin with you must remove the cargo floor there is one torx on the floor securing the belt holding the cover on- take the floor cover out.
Remove the cargo rails , there are 2 torx screws on each rail.
Remove the 2 insulation cubes on both ends of the cargo area.
Next on the inside of the sill plate there are 2 bolts near the bottom. Remove them.
There are 6 clips ( 3 on either side ) on the front of the sill plate. Lift up the weather strip and pull up on the tabs removing the plate.
Next remove the cargo light- it prays up hard use a cloth to not damage the trim. (I made that mistake but was able to clean them off just surface mark)
Using a stiff wire feed it through the light hole and straight to the bottom of the wheel well.
I then taped the cord from the new sill plate and pulled it up to through the light hole.
I unplugged the light and used the pig tails and plugged it in.
i secured the extra wire in the void to the right behind the wheel well.
repeat the steps backwards.
Really wasn’t a hard job needed a
Torx 30 for cargo rails
Torx 40 for cargo floor cover
10mm socket for the bolts on the bottom inside of the plate.
Feel free to message with any questions- I’m only moderately mechanical and I was able to complete it.


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