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Hi! I have 97 Cadillac Catera the same as Opel Omega. 97 to 98 have coilpack behind left cylinder head. I had a trip to Orlando Florida and my coil quit it misfiered i thought it was a wire.
The new coil is expensive and i have to wait couple days. I didn't want to wait.
I worked on many cars in the shop and i went through several coils similar to caddy. So i came up saab 9000 V6 almost the same can be installed but to expensive still and no available.
Another coil is from FORD TAURUS actually any ford V6 uses the same coil pack. I went to junkyard and made some electrical measurements of secondary and primary coil winding they were the same as cateras!!!
12000 Ohm secondary 0.8 primary
I've bought the coil with wire for $30 from 97 Taurus.
So eletricallly the are identical. The only problem is connectors are different.
So i used catera coil harness and plugged ford's cut harness into catera's. There one power feed from fuse and three grounds to ignition driver in computer. Now ford's harness works!!! I have to solve ignition wire problem. They cam from ford and coil side is no problem. The spark plug side wasn't a proble too because plugs are standart. I had to make plug ends little straight to make plug wire to go in.
I cranked up. It started right away!!!
Remeber ford coil pair is different from catera's catera 1-4, 3-6, 5-2
You have to ignore fords and assume it's cateras coil use the same ignition wire position as in catera

I didn't need to spent $300 for coil and wait couple days. Only spent $30

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