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ignition coil made out of paper?

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Lol i swear this thing won't let me win :rant2:


have an ELECTRICAl question as i'll be damned if i pay 217 for an igntion coil when i got a better idea.

The stock igntion coil has the plug labedl D C B A

what i need is which is ground (i guess D because of the thickness) and which pairs does C B A wires fire!

Thanks :)
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especially if you have the serivice manual??
I have the 3 volume set for a 98 Catera at home. I will look at the schematic tonight. I just replaced my coil pack. Bought it from O'Reillys Auto parts for $185 plus tax. It came in a Moog box but the part had a Bosch sticker on it like the OEM.
well minus well announce what i am doing

the reason for trying to know the firing order.

That way i can adapt a GM DIS to the catera. Those for some reason are muchmore rugged. For instance they don't take a crap if there is oil on the plug. The bosch unit dislikes that heavily.
The coil pack in my 97 Catera is labeled 1-2-3-4. The coil assembly is powered on pin 4. Cylinders 5 & 2 pin 1, cylinders 6 & 3 pin 2, and cylinders 4 & 1 pin 3.

rthanks for the info.. Time to start experimenting :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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