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Ignition Coil and plug on 08 SRX

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i just bought a 2008 SRX AWD two months ago. the blinking check engine light came on the day before we were to license the vehicle (yesterday). reading through this forum (you guys/gals are awesome by the way) i already knew i had a misfire. one coil and one plug is being replaced right now. we are a single vehicle family so needed it done quick. i plan on changing out the remaining 7. what the tech told me is that i could change them easily enough but the computer work is the challenge. it's not like it use to be...unplug wire, change plug, plug in wire, drive. it was $250 for one coil and plug. i plan on changing the rest at a fraction of the price. what do you guys know about the computer work associated with changing these things. thanks in advance
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I don't have an 08 SRX, but my 06 CTS has the ignition coil pack above each spark plug. It has a locking harness into it.

Your V8 uses a like coil pack, just for a larger entire I suppose.

Anyways, i swapped out a couple of my coil packs. A few years apart. Because of a single cylinder misfire. First one was cylinder 2 and te second 3 years later was cylinder 5.

Both times I just swapped the coil pack out with out touching anything with the computer. Other than clearing the codes. But a simple disconnecting of the battery can do that.

Don't quote me though. But I honestly can not see anything done to the computer for a coil pack swap.

Did this two years ago on SRX V8 - unscrew coil, move it up a little, unplug, take out. If replacing plugs too then unscrew the spark plug put a new one in. No computer work needed, even DTC's will clear after several driving cycles. No computer work needed.
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